LINKS/SITES FOR GENERAL INFORMATION/STATISTICS This is a blog that is published by UNAIDS and has lots of interesting information and links.  It is definitely worth a look! for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Global AIDS Program.  This site includes strategy documents, fact sheets, etc. UNAIDS. This is a comprehensive site listing general and country-specific stats, fact sheets, latest updates, and catalog of best practice case studies.

http://hivinsite.ucsf.eduUniversity of California at San Francisco, Center for HIV/AIDS Information.
This site contains the latest HIV/AIDS news, research information, developments in treatment and care, etc.

http://www.safaids.netSouthern Africa HIV/AIDS Information Dissemination Service. The mission of this organization is to promote ethical and effective development responses to the epidemic and its impact through knowledge management, capacity development, advocacy, policy analysis and research with special regard to gender human rights and other development concerns. Available on the site are articles, news briefs, publications, e-forums, an event calendar and an interactive map to search for information and projects.


LINKS/SITES DIRECTLY RELATED TO AFRICA – General HIV/AIDS Issues Networks for Health Research and Development. This includes publications and resource listings, lots of up-to-date articles with relevant and practical applications (e.g., Power Point presentations). Multiple languages available. World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa. This site is available in 3 languages (English, French and Portuguese) and contains the many functions of the World Health Organization and its different divisions.  Included are news briefs, speeches, news highlights and articles.  The page is also broken down by country for ease in finding information. Southern Africa AIDS Training Program. Various resource documents.  This site is advertized as a website to support community responses to HIV & AIDS in Southern Africa. Lots of free materials for working within developing communities.  Materials are available in English and Portuguese.

LINKS/SITES WITH FACT SHEETS, PROGRAMMING, TOOLKITS, TRAINING MANUALS AND BEST PRACTICE REPORTS Council. Prevention, stigma and discrimination, research updates, access to data base of 4500 publications, papers, fact sheets, etc.  Addresses not only HIV/AIDS, but many of the surrounding issues. Regional AIDS Training Network. This site contains information on training and related resources.  RATN is an NGO working in 11 countries: Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Malawi.  On the website you can search for available courses about subjects related to HIV/AIDS.  They also have a place to search for scholarship/bursary grants for study.  In addition, there are numerous E-publications available for download and use. Health International. A 40 year old global health organization. Very science based– documents, ideas, fact sheets, HIV/AIDS programming information.  Particularly good site for researchers and health practitioners.

http://www.cedpa.orgCenter for Development and Population Activities. An international NPO that works to improve the lives of girls and women in developing countries.  Lists numerous manuals on a variety of HIV/AIDS topics including: adolescent sexuality, reproductive health, community/NGO capacity building, program development, and faith-based organizations.  Access to e-publications and free downloads for training and increased knowledge. Communication Partnership.A partnership between John Hopkins University, FHI, Management Sciences for Health and UNAID under the title of K4Health.   Provides a fairly thorough list of HIV/AIDS related sites on the internet.  The mission of K4Health is to increase the use and dissemination of evidence-based, accurate, and up-to-date information to improve health service delivery and health outcomes worldwide.  The site also contains access to photos, e-learning, e-toolkits for download, blogs, recent news releases, etc.

Strategies for Hope
This is a website committed to community-based strategies for HIV prevention, care & support.  They have DVDs, book series, the Stepping Stones training package and the Called to Care Toolkit series.  The Called to Care series is a great tool for church use or even as curriculum for a Bible school class.  It is a series of 10 small books, each focusing on a different aspect of the HIV epidemic in Africa and Asia.  These are practical action-oriented books for church leaders.  They can be downloaded on the site.  Many of the resources from Strategies of Hope are available in French and Swahili as well.  Strategies has distributors all over Africa….so don’t be afraid to inquire about free materials that are available.  In South Africa, these supplies can be ordered from Christian Literature Fund.

Christian Literature Fund
This is a website for South Africa, but could be utilized by countries close by such as Namibia, Malawi. Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho. Outside of South Africa, you would be required to pay postage for your order, but many of the materials are free for the asking.   In addition to having all of the Called to Care series books, they also have numerous brochures and flyers pertaining to HIV/AIDS.  Many of them are available in multiple languages including Afrikaans, Chewa, Chinese, English, French Herero, Kwanyama, Nama, Pedi, Portuguese, Sotho, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu.  This is a wonderful company to work with and the service is excellent!

Global AIDS Partnership
Global AIDS Partnership (better known as GAP) is a specialized international ministry of the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM).  It was created to serve as a resourcing network to those working with HIV/AIDS worldwide.  Those partnering with GAP include health professionals, Project Rescue (trafficking), Convoy of Hope, and the Latin American Commission on HIV/AIDS.  Numerous resources (some can be downloaded for free) and links are provided on this website and many are available in other languages such as English, French and or Spanish.

Africa A/G Care
Africa AG Care comes under the auspices of Assemblies of God World Missions – Africa (USA).  This website has valuable free resources pertaining to relief and development work as well as a link to their quarterly journal entitled EMBRACE.  HIV/AIDS is one of the topics they address.


http://www.repssi.orgREPSSI – The Regional Psychological Support Initiative for Children Affected by AIDS. This site includes many documents on programs related to children affected by AIDS, not just psychosocial support. It has a special section on the Triple Threat to children – AIDS, Poverty and Conflict.    Also available are free downloads, The Hero Book, newsletters and an events calendar pertaining to the subject.

http://www.womenchildrenhiv.orgWomen, Children and HIV.  Focuses mainly on women and children issues such as prevention of mother-to-child transmission, diet/nutrition, etc.  Lots of downloads, research articles, journal articles by region. Child Survival Technical Support. For resources on children and HIV/AIDS.   Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. This site is dedicated to children and AIDS.  News reports, blogs, multimedia presentations and stories of hope.  Information can be selected by country through the use of an interactive map.  Also available on the site are links to peer-reviewed research articles and a list of conferences addressing pediatric AIDS and AIDS research.

http://www.mchipngo.netMaternal and Child Health Integrated Program.  For resources on children and HIV/AIDS.  MCHIPs support team provides technical assistance in program design, monitoring, implementation and evaluation through USAID’s Child Survival and Health Grants Program.  Focus is on equity and sustainability. AIDS Caring Trust. This website is specifically geared for Zimbabwe.  FACT strives to be a result focused organization that facilitates sustainable community programs to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS, reduce new HIV incidences, and improve the livelihoods of people in poor communities.  Available on the site are connections to YouTube videos, newsletters, articles, and Facebook as well as campaigns and fund raising.  The website is still under construction.  This is the website of AVERT. AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS charity, based in the UK, working to avert HIV and AIDS worldwide, through education, treatment and care.  The website is full of articles on HIV/AIDS (different topics of interest), statistics and history of the AIDS pandemic in many African countries, photos, games, stories and a scientific explanation of the inner workings of the HI virus.  Very informative and interesting!

LINKS/SITES FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, MICRO-ENTERPRISE, & MONITORING/EVALUATION with Clark University, Department of  International Development Community and Environment. Numerous publications/manuals re: community development, participatory assessment, capacity building in communities, and other programming resources, etc. Evaluation Program.  Lists reports, manuals, and handbooks re: evaluating and monitoring health programming for desired impact. Global Development Research Center.   Includes reports, various case studies, bibliographies, and a virtual library on micro-credit programs.

http://www.wn.orgWorld Neighbors.  This site includes information and resources on sustainable agriculture, community health and nutrition, reproductive health, local capacity buildings, etc.  It even has a link to its own mall where purchases on their website through stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, Sears, and many others will result in a contribution to the World Neighbors’ programs.

http://www.microlinks.orgUSAID. The micro-credit site of the United States Agency for International Development.  It contains various micro-enterprise resources.

http://www.foundationsforfarming.orgFoundations for Farming. Foundations for Farming (based in Zimbabwe) is an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities and nations through the faithful and productive use of the land.  It has excellent resources to help those in poor, rural areas provide basic nutrition for the community, as well as those who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.  The site has free downloadable resources, news articles and a calendar of up-coming trainings.